Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boy Experience

Fair Warning this post will be intensely personal as I cannot find my journal to write in, and as you may know from previous postings this is my only other form of written record that I rely on... and I disdain the "write on a separate piece of paper and then transfer it in later" strategy.

Behrgen Ekai Hyer Rose- B.E.H.R. took quite awhile (the 40 weeks plus 6 days to get his full name). I still think Brett would have been more than happy to keep it at Behr, but I love and will call always call him Behrgen in addition to Behr. Momo didn't get it at first, but after mom explained like how people name their children place names (Austin, Tyler, Dallas, Boston, etc.) I hope she warms up to the idea that it is an awesome Norwegian name. Regardless, I love it. Ekai was the last name to make the line up. Beating out numerous contenders we couldn't commit to we finally went with something that had the root of Kai (which we love as both Japanese and Hawaiian and feel matches Kayla) and started with an E to do the Tano suggested (spell his short name with his initials). It was a bonus that the meaning is awesome meaning wise ocean, or ocean minded. Hyer, Brett's Norwegian surname rooted from Hayer, meaning Heir in English.. but not sure about the Norwegian take on it. Rose wasn't really optional but is awesome of course.

All observations are by contrast with Behr. I guess I should say many. Many things I've noticed as all his own. But two inches longer, almost a pound heavier, thinner cheeks, bigger nose, more muscular thighs, these are all descriptions offset by sister Azure. So here are all the observations so far:

As much as I want Brett's honey brown eyes in one of our children I think blue may win again with Behr. His eyes are already bluey even though they maintain the same grayish kinda brown that Az also had. This may need an update in a bit though as he is barely getting to the stage where his eyes are open more often. Right after they put Behr on my chest I noticed his muscular thigh, reminding me of Brett's biker legs. They seemed so big in those first moments although since then others have thought he has skinnier legs than Azure had. He seems to possibly have Moms feet so he may get lucky in the shoe shopping arena unlike his sis. His cheeks and face are round but don't seem to have as much pout and puff as Azure's did. the bottom of his face is thinner. He is the experience of boy I guess altogether. His features not as soft with a bit wider nose. His hair is dark, and his face started purple, then he seemed more fair overall than Az, and now he looks about as red as Azure was but Dad says Az was still more red. He sleeps a bit more splayed out explaining my rib pain while he was in the womb.

Quick Birth Synopsis:

Each night around bed leading up to DD, the braxton hicks became stronger and I would occasionally get lower pains. I thought Wednesday in my head for some reason, but Brett didn't necessarily find the 9th ideal (liked the even numbered days). Anyhow, the nights were pretty restless for several days leading up to it. Sunday and Monday I lost my mucous plug (a tell tale sign with Azure coming 2 days after that as well). Tuesday night it seemed like the contractions were just a bit different, and though I slept through most of them, they were different enough to get up at 4 am and see if some movement led to more of them. Sure enough it did and while Brett was getting ready for work, I noticed the regularity, and told Brett to hang back from work. Lucky we did. I thought about going for a walk to the ocean, or something else to start the labor day but thought it more responsible to put together all our stuff (Az, B, and I). that turned out lucky too because by the time we were ready it was 7 am and I had progressed to the point that I knew we should be going in if I wanted any chance to use that tub, and not have a horridly awful car ride. So I called in, called Linda, met up with Jenna and after 6 story stair climb tradition we checked in at 8ish am. I saw Connie in the hallway and reintroduced myself.   
 Continued Oct. 13, 2013

Linda had called Connie which resulted in numerous advantages. She got the tub started right away, kept all the unnecessary staff and personnel out of the room, and just overall had a very gentle and calm energy. Everyone agreed she was even better than Linda who I was originally happy with last time.

Continued Oct 14, 2013

After the initial 30 minute fetal monitoring (which is junk to have to sit there) I just labored in the room, went for a loop walk around the unit (when Azure and Mema arrived) and then finally was able to get in the tub for the last 15 minutes or so before delivery at 10:18 am. I loved the relief the water gave. I had somewhat of a hand on Behr, but definitely didn't have the picturesque "catch my own baby" birth. Many hands were there. He had a strong cry which made his purple head less worrisome. He had the cord around his neck twice, but was fine. Connie coached me to wait for some of the pushes during delivery, which resulted in more pain than I remembered with Azure, but recovery has been better because of that. My tailbone has been more sore this time and Behr has some battle scars from his meeting with that and the quick pace of the overall birth. Some bruising in the face, red in his eyes, and a couple of red marks on his forehead above his nose. Wonderful Birth experience. Again different in several ways, I was more alert since it was day, quicker... which was how the whole pregnancy felt as well.

Behr ate the whole night the first night and next day but ever since he has been a good sleeper (3 hour stints) and great eater of course. He is now starting to get fussy during the evenings which I always attributed Azure's belly being sore to, but tonight skin to skin worked great (unless it was the gripe water) so that may be on the inventory list of strategies.

Behr is just as influential of light and love as Azure was. Brett has been super dad, I want to recommit to doing everything right as a mom and for our family, and this time I think I have that rekindled desire with a bit more of a realistic take. You are an amazing little creature Behrgen, Thank you for being part of us.

Behr is a Libra (Scales) and a water snake

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hands Feet and Mouth Updates

So currently, Azure is sick with hand, foot, and mouth virus. She has had one rough night and day but for the  most part is her usual playful self with many bumps on her legs, mouth, feet, and bottom. Ironically, she also has updates with development in all of these areas. It seems like she has stopped growing and changing so quickly, but when I think about the past month its amazing how much she has gotten stellar at.

Hands-- I gave her considerable freedom with feeding herself from a young age, and just a few weeks ago she was very frustrated when she couldn't get the spoon to her mouth with anything on it. Now... she can! She isn't perfect and still often resorts to hands, but this morning she fed herself her yogurt mix to the point where I just had to accumulate the bottom stuff so it was deep enough for her to dig into. Aside from that we tried out coloring again and this time (unlike a few weeks back) there was more interest and she colored her papers (and a bit of the couch) with a yellow highlighter. Other stuff with hands is that she loves emptying my wallet and still loves putting things in places... most recently my car keys in the recycling for 4 days, and tupperware, slippers, etc. in the rubbish can.

Feet- Walking is such a indicative sign of development, but I never realized how many steps to this sign there are. Varying shoe types, uneven surfaces, stairs, steps, speed, and direction, all things I took for granted that need to be maneuvered and I find joy in her mastering the slightest improvements. She is wanting to run...

Mouth- Azure knows more words than a realize and I find myself daily writing new words on a notepad on the fridge that she has repeated to me. She has said 15+ words to me, and while much seems to still be parroting she also has several that she uses meaningfully. cacocc (broccoli), rap (strap), Hi Az, and Hi Azure, baby, truck, coconut. She still signs as well (back to hands), she is stubborn and doesn't like to say please, but most recently has started saying it by rubbing my chest instead of hers (or her belly). She knows where baby is and lifts my shirt if I ask her where?

There are so many rapid changes its hard to keep up but that about covers it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Because I'm negligent...

I was inspired to post this blog and perhaps more to come because I'm realizing my current system of journaling Azure's latest in my journal, then typing it up on the photo books I make is double duty. Additionally, I'm only like 6 months in on the "transfer to photo book" stuff so not only has this process been ineffective for sharing about Azure, but also ineffective in gathering our own personal history.

Why I've delayed.... I like to journal. I think blogs as a replacement to journaling perpetuate a superficiality whether its intended or not. No matter how socially appropriate one's feelings really even are one is going to filter naturally at the prospect of another reading the information. But I guess journaling and blogging can be their own separate venues and I will spare you my internal struggles, and venting about society, Brett, and my inability to progress how I would like and focus on the things you really want to hear about... My lovely daughter's antics and growth. oh... also I really like the end product of past photo books and I feel like blogs won't give me that and will take time away from creating those... but realistically do I really want 60+ photo books for ever year of Brett and I's lives together plus some trips? feedback on this please... I guess it is more condensed than boxes of photographs like the old generation...

Okay... So this is what I had written today in my journal before I decided to switch over-

5/6/13 Wanted to update regarding Azure especially since my mom told me I need to write things down (when I told her the latest with Az). Also I just looked over my good friend Kelsi (Remund) Olsen's blog and she does an amazing job documenting their lives. So new with Az:

1- Today took her first "real" step. Prior to this she has kind of stumbled/ran into someone's arms as they have encouraged her, but today without any encouragement or provocation except maybe from Cado, she tested a step. She gave me a big shy grin after (which she has been when we recognize her for standing along time). Although I'm slightly concerned now because now she throws a frustrated fit if I try to let her hands go when I'm helping her walk whereas before she would just go to her bum or stand for a minute and then crawl. I can't tell if this is a good or a bad thing. When she stepped though I hadn't even been holding her hands so maybe she just is so done with crawling she doesn't want to let go of my hands. wow that was #1.
2- While she doesn't walk yet she has been climbing on the couch for a couple weeks now. First she used Cado or something as a booster, then she learned how to get up herself and most recently I taught her how to get down herself which she was super proud of herself about. She kept doing laps on and off the couch. Now sometimes she gets complacent and I have to watch when she tumbles.
3- The same day as her couch excursion... start of blog... earlier that day we went swimming with our friend's Jenna and Avery. Avery has been a great swimmer since 18 months just jumping in no tubes or adults needed. Well it had been awhile since we went to the pool since the beach is so close now, but Azure was really into watching Avery jump in from the side. For some other reason I sat Az on the side of the ppol, and then when I helped her stand up somehow I knew she wanted to jump in. Previous to this she always coped in a variety of ways with going under (gasping, crying, or just being wide eyed) but on the times she went under when she jumped in she didn't seem to be phased she was just ready to go again. I was SO excited for this development because I seem to place her confidence in the water on my ability to empower and just realistically make it to the pool/beach enough.
4- She bites. Out of frustration and affection to only people she feels comfortable with (mostly me, sometimes Brett). At least this is what our childcare provider has presented thus far cuz she hasn't had any issues at daycare of which we are aware.
5- She sings. She has been doing this for a couple months and I didn't think much of it but every time I tell someone or someone hears her they react surprised so I guess its pretty special. She sings when she plays, on walks, or in her carrier on hikes especially. A few weeks ago and tonight actually she has looked at me and given me my starting note for her goodnight song "Autumn Day." She does it when she is in a really ready mood for bed but not overtired yet.
6- She blows. She has had some pretty renowned abilities as she has been blowing on my lifeguard whistle since around 8 months old. Now she blows on her food, and blows a kiss even though she hasn't learned to kiss her hand yet.
7- She hates diaper/clothes changing. She is so strong. I'm not sure when this started or why on a rare occasion she doesn't throw a fit, but Great Grandma and Grandpa pretty much just wait for the pick up person if they babysit because if not they are looking at a messy toddler spreading doodoo around their house.
8- For the past couple months she has learned to cock her head to the side and smile for attention, to manipulate... all of the above. Still melts me.
9- She says the following inconsistently: Dog, Hereyago, Mom,  Consistently: Dad 
10- She signs: More, All Done, Bye-Bye, Food (with help), Please (with help)
11- She climbs. More than just the couch she likes to climb on her bigger toys (stable or not), and today we had an avid lava rock climbing session at the tidepools.
12- She is a very hearty eater and drinker as to be expected. She loves her veggies and prefers water to milk (coconut). She astounds me with the diversity of water bottles she is proficient with (straw, tilt and suck, tilt and gulp, etc.) 
13- Along with her being able to drink from a cup she can maneuver a spoon pretty meanly too. (mean in Hawaii is like "dope, wicked, cool, right on")

Az has a variety of other endearing behaviors that I am not recalling at the present moment so this entry will end. Sorry apparently Az goes naked more than I realized. Also of note:
head tilt
Easter basket... have her dress and egg photos somewhere...
Dog Dishes... yep she knows how to drink out of this too to my dismay
Camping Bath
Baby in the tummy beginning to kick... fluttering for several weeks now.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Dogs and Baby Bellys

Went on Waihe'e Falls Hike again, this time with the whole gang. We even took Dorian our neighbors big Weimeraner that never gets out of his Kennel. It was quite the experience.

Baby Griffin Tano and Baby Rose's First real meeting. Baby Rose greeted Griff with a kick. Brett Tano (Dad) is Brett Rose's childhood friend. Summer and I get along great, and managed to conceive 8 weeks apart.

Boys at Pupukea Surfing.

Baby Shower by Kristin Makanoa! Amazing. It is great to resettle in a place with so much love as Hawaii. I've had 4 showers! Church, Friends, Yoga, and Work!

Kado in a typical waiting for food to fall stance. I love his scarf that Dad Rose and Janine gave us.

Yoga Shower

Brett Bullying Kado with a sock on his head. It was super funny.

I gave Brett and Eli (Brett's little bro) tickets to Kapolei Raceway for Christmas. We finally went for Eli's Birthday. I think they had fun.

Work Shower and Crew

Kado on one of our many adventurous walks together.

Belly photo at the Clapper Wedding. Congrats Jared and Erin!!!

Summer and I made these baby slings. Baby Griffin fell asleep in seconds. KEEPER!

Yokohama Japan and Busan I'Park Koreat Professional Soccer game at Aloha Stadium.

The Long awaited tummy timeline. My belly is white!!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

The past few days, and past year....

Hey All-

So my best friend Kelsi Remund gets on me about blogging, because hers is beautiful and updated weekly. Mine is obviously not as well attended to. Well I'll give you a little insight into this past year starting with our "lovely" Spring Break. We didn't get out of the house until Wednesday because I had thesis stuff and 10 pager to write... so we finally got on the road, stopped and visited the Leathams (my sis and her fam) and found our beautiful camp site in Red Cliffs Recreation area by St. George, UT.

All went as planned with tin foil dinners, and exploring the reds until we went into town the next morning to break change for our next night's fee, and get gas among other things. Then it happened. Acceleration attempt.... sputter sputter... almost got on the freeway, but luckily we decided to check it out at the Chevron. $1,000, and 2.5 days later we should have our Xterra by tomorrow morning to get us back to SLC. All the fortunate events were:

1. We weren't at the campsite
2. We didn't enter the freeway
3. The Chevron had a full service mechanic that seemed pretty honest.
4. The closest place for lunch was an In-and-Out so we had some grease to wash our sorrows away.
5. It wasn't the head gasket.
6. Our home teacher had mentioned he would be in St.George with a large home for us to stay in... so needless to say we gave him a call. Brent and Coryann have been amazing. We went to Wingers with them and their cousins for dinner, watched the Blindside in the theater room, had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and went on an awesome hike adventure in snow canyon today. Tonight: Pool and Hot tub.

Though its been awesome to have the comfort of a lovely huge home, I have to say, I think I know why I like to camp. Vacationing in or near a city isn't much of a break for me. The natural escape is so necessary.

Since its been a year since the blog I'll give you the most exciting things of last year:

New Nephew baby Eric in March- I took a trip with Erica and Landy to see him in Oregon.
Went back to Hawaii for about 4 months we both worked and played a lot.
Went to Zions with the Olsens when we got back to UT.
Went to Oregon again to see fam and the scenery for Fall Break.
Went to Death Valley, and So Cal to see nature, and Watts, and Roses for Christmas
Had two Rose arrivals in January for a Ski week.
One (David) Rose stayed for the semester.
Brett did Bahamas and some other cool jobs.
We decided to head back to Hawaii for Brett to try managing at least for a year. (leaving for HI in May)
I will be proposing my thesis next week, gathering data, and defending in the fall. Done with coursework after this semester.
I'm doing a Yoga teacher training that is super exhilarating. Leif is in many of my classes so that makes it all the better.

Thats us... Next time i'll get some pics up here.

Friday, February 6, 2009

the blog is alive...(but we were barely when we went ice fishing)

So the blog is barely alive. Brett and I are living in SLC right by the U. I've decided we are the good luck charm to send university football teams to the sugar bowl cuz last year we were in HI and they went (didn't win) and then this year we were even luckier and people won't stop talking about the 13-0 Utes. Apart from this since we are not the biggest football fans anyhow, we went Ice fishing last saturday. I have only been once before, and it was a distant hazy memory. These boys had obviously not been before, cuz they showed up to go with a hoodies, tennis shoes, and no knife. Some how though we were more successful than all our Hawai'i escapades and Jeremy came home with a Rainbow.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Moving is all Hammajang

So within the first 5 seconds of pulling up at Stairway a cop pulled up. So then we preceded to do a less regulated illegal hike Sacred Falls. Sadly some people got killed in a rock slide, sued the state and the once very popular hike was closed. It is far less physically demanding than Stairway, but was still a good 4 am activity. Mountain Apples, a nice pool, and a message in a bottle made it worth it. That was a couple weeks ago. Life has gotten all crazy since then. Lizzie, Brett's four year old cousin would use the local word, hammajang to describe it. For the Fourth we went prawn fishing on a Kahana Valley hike... quite unsuccessfully...Pretty hike though, and baby Theo did awesome. Then... we kayaked/paddled out to Goat Island. High tide, rains, and ghost baby sounds coming from the birds (the island is a sanctuary) could not keep us from having a good time. The sunset/sunrise was beautiful, and it was a wonderful way to enjoy this beautiful place I am leaving. Watching Brett and his friends catch and cook crabs, hide in caves, make tarp coverings.......it was all that life in Hawai'i should be. We have been hanging out with Brett's family for the past two weeks too. Kayaked to the Mokulua Islands, Hiked Diamond Head, Snorkeled Shark's cove, eating Chantilly and guava cake every night ... its always good when tourists come in :) I really am excited to start something new, to grow with Brett, be back around family and friends, and go back to school, but to really be leaving now has made me think twice. I hope we make it back someday, to live, for a least a little bit. Starting to say good-byes at work, and church is hard. I was bawling through Aloha oi when they sang it to us at church today. Funny the decision is just starting to set in and we leave in 5 days. Anyway this blog it turning journalish. Hope you enjoy the pics!